Sunday, August 26, 2007

Create a Custom Title in Microsoft Word

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For this layout I designed a custom title just by layering text boxes in Microsoft Word. Here are some basic instructions to guide you through...

1. Set your page set up to landscape and I prefer 1/2 in margins. If you are using a custom paper size, set your
paper size also.
2. Find your text box tool and create a text box.
3. Type the word of your choice in the text box (ex. - daughter, mother, family)
4. Right click inside of your text box, click on font to change the font and size of the text.
5. Edit your text box. Double click on the edge of it, the Format Text Box should appear. Change the color to
'No Fill' and change the line to 'No Line' and click OK
6. Copy and paste it about 10 times, then move them around and place them within a 2 inch area at the top of
the page. However wide you want your finished border to be.
7. Pick any text box and change the font and size of the text again (when you are finished you want them to be
all different sizesand a variety of different fonts)
8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the center is completely blacked out
9. Make one last text box with your word of choice in it but for this one the font color should be white.
10. Center and Size the text box to fit in the blacked out area.
11. Print it out. If you want to print it on vellum like I did, you have to set your the print properties to a
transparency film setting. Be sure to allow for extra dry time before you touch your vellum or you can heat
set it with a heat gun.

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