Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My first pages for hire...

I'm sure all of you know that I am a Close to My Heart consultant. Well I was at an open house in mid November 07 when a gal came over to my display and started looking at some of my artwork I had on my display board and in an album I had displayed. I guess she fell in love, she really like what I did, my style and the detail that I put into my projects. One thing led to another and she asked if I would make a layout for her Niece for Christmas. I guess this was her Niece's 1st major production that she was in and had a lead role. She wanted something special and just didn't have the time before the holidays to do it. I thought, hmmm Christmas present?, no pressure there! Anyway I agreed and this is what I came up with(6 hours later! lol!). Yes, she loved them and said they were a big hit Christmas Day. Whooo, big sigh of relief there!

Close up of Page 1...Yes that's real stitching
Close up of Page 2...Font and flourishes were cut on my cricut.
Layout with File Folder open - this hides the program from the production. It also gives additional room for 2 more photos.
Close up of the File Folder open...

This was a custom creation. I came up with the layout on my own. Couldn't cheat on this one because I wanted to be able to include the program. It wasn't the prettiest so I wanted to hide it and this was the concept that drove the creation of the layout.

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