Friday, October 3, 2008

A Curly Lacey Thank You! A clean basement and a mishap...

Where was I yesterday and the day before? Hmmmm..... The day before, I was cleaning my basement. For those of you that know me and my basement, you know how it looks like nothing more than a catch all bin for the rest of my house! For those of you that don't, well that is exactly what it has turned into, a big 'ole dump site. It is not finished by any means but it is supposed to be my laundry room/scrapbook studio/home office/spare bedroom/overflow toy area. Well after 12 hours of arduous cleaning and picking up, I may have finally somewhat accomplished it to looking like that! (that just made no sense at all, but you catch my drift! lol) I got'r done! Laundry room still needs a little more tlc but I ran out of time. I was too exhausted by the end of the day to post. That is my goal for today.

Yesterday...Well do you really want to know? I got rear-ended by some little 'ole grandma (with her infant grandson in the car) yesterday! This is the 2nd time I've been rear-ended in out Geo Tracker. It's bright friggin Blue! How can people not see me? I talked to my sister last night and she couldn't believe it either but she had the most fantabulous idea for me. You know them big 'ole reflective orange triangle you see on farm tractors? Yep, I'm going to tractor supply this afternoon to get me one and I'm gonna stick it right on the spare tire in the back! Maybe then people will stop running in to me!

Our Tracker looks very similair to this one...

This all started because I needed to go to Wal Mart yesterday morning to get pull-ups for my daughter and it just so happened that my girlfriend/neighbor Lisha had to go to. She needed computer printer ink. So off we went, just her and I. Kaitlin stayed home with daddy and her daughter and the 2 girls she babysits stayed home with the MIL. We were both excited, mommy's morning out! Yeah for us! Woo hoo!

All was going well till the checkout at Wal Mart when the cashier decided to short-cut her job and scan all 6 of my frozen juices as the same juice - cranberry, the most expensive juice that I bought! It was $2.12 a can, I bought 4 white grape raspberry @ $1.47 a can and 1 passion fruit @ $1.08 a can. Now I would not have complained if she had done this with the passion fruit, hey, there loss is my reward, right! No, she had to pick the most expensive one, robbing me of $4.00! In these times, $4 is $4! I need every penny! We would not discover this robbery of sorts until we were in the McDonald's drive thru. We needed a sweet tea!

As we were sitting in the McD's drive thru I some how started looking at my Wal Mart receipt and noticed what had happened. I asked Lisha if she minded if we ran back real quick since Wal Mart was right there. She was fine with that. So instead of heading home with or super-delicious sweet teas in hand we are headed back to Wal Mart! I took me only a couple of minutes to run in and get the problem corrected. The lady working the customer service desk was really nice to me too. So now I have my $4 back! Yeah! Back home we go. So we thought!

We got all the way to the red light by Lowe's. We were 4 or 5 cars back, just sitting there minding our own business, chit-chatting and out of nowhere......BAM! I screemed, she screemed, I said "what the heck just happened?" we just got rear-ended. God love Lisha! The first thing she does when the lady comes up to my door is rubs it all up in her face that I am pregnant! Thinking back now, it's kinda funny. The lady never even mentions that there's an infant in her car until we get out to check for damages and Lisha spots the baby in the back seat. I was like, dam, you must have made her feel really bad bout hitting a pregnant lady! lol. The baby, thank god, was still sound asleep as if nothing had ever happened! Our vehicles had no damage other than a bunch of big black scuff marks and scratches on her car. The tracker is a little tank! Just don't any one out there get the idea to t-bone me. That I'm afraid would be an all together different story. Front or back though, we're GOOD! After 3 collisions, I think it's safe to make that conclusion! lol! (My Hubby rear-ended some lady last summer)

Anyway, to concluded my rambling about yesterdays adventure, we are both fine. My OB made me go to the ER to get checked out and then I had to have a non-stress test done on the baby and all is well. Lisha's ok, I'm ok and most importantly, the baby is ok! I won't even go into detail about how totally incompetant WMC's ER is! After 6 exhausting hours there, I finally made it home in one piece! The L&D staff made my day! They are a great group of girls up there!

Now to finally get to my card! I had some scraps left over from when I made the Magazine File Thank You Cards for Mary so I thought I'd use 'em up right away! This is my little creation. Thanks for stopping by and listen to me ramble on about my saga! Enjoy and Have a Safe & Wonderful Day!


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Sarah Elliott said...

Wowee what an adventure, glad to hear you're okay though :-)