Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where oh where have I been?

Knockin' off the 'honey-do' list! I have not done any stamping or scrapping since Wednesday of last week. My husband works that crazy 12 hour swing shift schedule so he is on his 7 days off right now getting ready to change ends of the week. Since we have no money to go on vacation during this time, I like to take full advantage of having him around for 7 days in a row and put the boy to work! lol! So far this week we have gotten the...

1~staircase painted
2~a king size headboard built and finished for our bed (pictures coming!)
3~cleaned the garage
4~worked on his camaro a bit
5~cleaned the dehumidifier and put it away for the winter
6~changed the furnace filters
7~fixed the toilet in my master bathroom (handle was getting stuck and it was running all the time if you didn't lift it after you flushed)
8~cleaned my bedroom & closet
9~attached headboard to my bed
10~moved Kaitlin into a 'big girl' bed (tonight the first night! keeping fingers crossed!)
11~made room for baby in my bedroom (we now have 2 beds & a crib in my bedroom, I need a bigger house,I would have it too if the economy wouldn't have taken a crap!)
12~killed the weeds in the yard

2 1/2 days left till he goes back to work. Plenty of time to get a few more things done! Bear with me a few more days and I will start posting pretty stuff again! Thanks for dropping by! Happy stamping and scrapping!


Anne said...

OMG, you really got a TON completed! I am soooo impressed!


Lisha said...

Let me tell you! I can't believe he has been home that long and has to go back already! Where does time go?? Well, good job getting things you can send him across the street to my house :) hehehehhhehe