Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The luck of me...or should I say lack there of!

You'll never guess what happened to me AGAIN yesterday? Hint: Just happened a month ago and 2 other times in the last 2 years! Give up? I got rear-ended in my little blue tracker AGAIN!

No tears this time...I got out and chewed the lady out that hit me. I was sooooooo mad. I think I scared her! lol! What is it about bright friggin blue that all these people can't see? Are they color blind? I mean like OMG - open your eyes. The worst part about it was it was dark out so not only should the bright blue stood out even more with big ole headlights shining on it but the bright red brake lights should have helped a little too!

I got my 'hahaha' when the cops came! She got a big ole fat inatentive driving ticket! I just wanted to say 'take that, does that open your eyes a little wider? That bright yellow ticket shining in your face?' I didn't, I just went on my merry little way with a somewhat smug grin on my face! The officer was super nice to me, he couldn't believe that I have been rear-ended 4 times in the same vehicle in the past 2 years, heck twice in the last month!

On a lighter note...Here are the invites that I made for my daughter's birthday party that is coming up. I am really pleased with the way that they turned out. I will post all the deets a little later. House is on in 5 minutes! Can't miss it!


Oma said...

Cute card!

So, aside from the ticket she got, how much damage was there to the vehhicles? I'm glad you are OK. A co-worker was rear ended last year and saw it coming, tensed up and ended up on short term disability as she hurt her back and neck.

I rear ended a car at a yield sign as the car came to a complete stop even though there was no traffic and I did not expect that at all. I got a careless driving ticket and lost some points on my license. Between DH & myself, we have been rear ended 4 times but no one was ever hurt.

Sarah Elliott said...

OMG, I think it's time to consider a new car, lol. It is a really good thing that you have not been hurt, glad for that.

I love your card soooo cute.

Anonymous said...

super cute invite. i love house too so can understand your need to get off the computer and watch it!

Kathy said...

I cannot believe 4 times in the same car. Although my husband has hit deer 3 times in our (my) car. Twice no damage, 3rd time broken headlight, wrinkled hood, dented fender - more than makes up for the 2 no damages:-(
Your card for your son's invite is just so cute. I'm sure he loved it!

Kathy said...

Sorry - it was your daughter's party, not you son:-(
I forgot the cracked bumper in the deer damage too.

Stephenie said...

Seriously, it is time to get a new car. Blue or black cars are most likely to be in an accident, they just aren't as noticeable. I'm glad your okay though.