Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memo board for the fridge ~ Super easy, super cute!

This weekend when Tara was here, we ventured out with all 3 kids to Ac Moore. They had their Christmas note pads on sale 2 for $1. I couldn't pass them up, especially this snowflake one, I love everything about it! lol! I made this memo board with it and it was really quite easy! All I did was took a 6x11 piece of chipboard and covered it with patterned paper. Then I made the cute little border on the top with my new Paper Shapers Snowflake border punch that I got at Michael's and my favorite Martha Stewart Snowflake punch, it's the new one that just came out. I then used some terrifically tacky tape from Provo Craft on the back of the notepad to adhere it to the board. (It's the double-sided tape with the red plastic that you peel off).

For the pen holder, I used a film container as the base. I wrapped cardstock and paper around it and decorated it all pretty. I wrapped ribbon around it that was about 4" to long so that I had 'tabs' of ribbon coming off the back. I marked where I wanted to put the pen holder on the board and made slits to slide the ribbon through. I took the terrifically tacky tape again and adhered those tabs on the back to hold the pen holder on. Once all that was done, I adhered a piece of cardstock to the back and applied some magnets. Now I have a great little memo board for my fridge. Thanks for stopping by!


Ter said...

That's too cute! Makes for a good gift.

Lisha said...

That is a great idea for your kids' teachers!!

Sara said...

I love this project! When are you going to start having workshops? I will pay you to teach me how to make these craft projects.