Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seriously People! Where did the time go???

OMG! I just wanna cry! I was almost done posting this when my oldest daughter came down and hit something on the keyboard and it all disappeared! Everything! Gone! Now to start all over... #$%^... %(*&%$... /a%^%...^$(*&()*...**)&^... those are a few choice words coming out of my mouth at the moment! I am supposed to be heading upstairs to lie down for awhile and put my swollen feet up! GRRRRR.....

Ok... deep breath!

Starting over...

When I said in my last post that I would update later, I seriously did not mean 18 days later. Where has the time gone? I guess time really does fly when your having 'not so much' fun! What I mean by that is I have been living in the house of plague the last 2 weeks. It all started with my son getting a strep infection in his sinuses. He went on an antibiotic for that. Then the girls came down with a nasty cold. Just as soon as I thought that Kaitlin had finally beat hers, bam, she got hit with croup! Michaela is still fighting hers, she can't shake the nasty wet cough. We'll probably be heading to the Dr. on Monday! Riley, he's over his strep but now is coughing too! Will this ever end? Tis the season!! Yet somehow through it all, I remain healthy! (knocking on wood! lol!)

We had the kids Christmas party today at my husbands work. They had a bunch of those moon bounce things there. The girls weren't even in the first one 5 minutes and came out coughing up a storm. They weren't to happy when I said no more. They got over it quick though when I pointed out the carousel. Kaitlin said " Yeah mommy, I wanna ride the cowboys!" It was so cute. She keeps calling horses cowboys and I'm not quite sure why! I thought they were going to wear the carousel out, they rode it a minimum of 8 times! They loved it. Riley was off doing boy stuff with Daddy like virtual roller coasters and racing go carts.

We are finally home and Kaitlin is up for a nap so I thought I would take a few to come down and 'update' my blog finally. Little did I know, I'd have to do it twice! Go figure, that's just the luck of me!

Anyway, here is a better cropped picture of Kaitlin's invite and the inside of it. Her party was a lot of fun for her, it's been 2 weeks now and she still thinks it's her birthday! LOL!

The inside...

The font on the inside is Minya Nouvelle in Sorbet (R-239, G-77, B-40), Juniper (R-55, G-141, B-110) and Chocolate (R-137, G-104, B-89)

The font on the front is CAC Norm Heavy in Sorbet and Burnstown Dam in Chocolate.

The monkey was cut at 3". The '3' was cut at 1 1/2". The circles are 2" white and 2 1/8" tulip cs.

The green patterned paper is from SU's Autmn Vine paper pack and the Sorbet patterned paper is from CTMH's Perfect Day paper pack.

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Hopefully the kids are healthy soon and all stays well around here! Till next time...

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