Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lot's to do and running out of time to do it!

I haven't been on here a few days because I have so much to get done and I'm running out of time to get it all done! I went to the Dr. again on Friday for my weekly check up and got in trouble again! My B/P is still high so they are inducing me a week early on Friday. She wanted to take her sooner but my body isn't ready yet so she gave me a few more days.

Since then I've had to hurry up and try to find nursing bras only to find out that the specialty store that I normally get them from went out of business earlier this past year after 40 years of business. I was so mad. Finding nursing bras is no easy feat for me to begin with since I'm a bit larger in that department than the average gal to begin with. I found some at Motherhood that will have to do for now and then once my milk comes in I'll have to order them online in the right size. The ones I got only cost $16 and will never last. When it comes to nursing bras, you get what you pay for! lol!

Then I had to get caught up on the laundry and stay caught up cuz there's no way in he** my hubby will be doing laundry while I'm in the hospital. I'd kill him! I'm very particular about my laundry and he'd screw something up I'm sure so it's just best he don't go there! Update: The washing machine is on death row and can't be fixed. The Maytag repair man said to run her till she dies. It has since temporarily fixed it self. It made all this racket and noise for a few more loads and then stopped as soon as it started which is a very good thing since I have no moola for a new one right at the moment.

Next was to get the Christmas tree torn down. That was a chore and a half! I hate taking it down almost as much as I hate putting it up! It took half the afternoon getting all the Christmas stuff taken down and re-packed away but it's finally done! Yippeee!!!

Then I was off to clean my 6 year old's bedroom! OMG - never knew the kid was such a pack rat. I hauled 2 loads of dirty clothes out of his room I bet! It was never ending! I got'r done though and then threatened the little shits life! lol! We have a laundry chute for a reason and he needs to start using it!

Finally got my basement cleaned up this weekend too! I am supposed to be on bed rest! Yeah right! I thought, she gave me a week to get my life in order before baby and I have a 3 yr old running around, who's got time for bed rest? It's more like 'crunch time' instead! The basement only took a few hours to get cleaned up. It was pretty easy going after I got all the kids toys picked up and put away. Then it was just a matter of vacuuming and throwing out the trash.

I still have Thank You cards to make from my baby shower, 2 bathrooms to clean, a ton of laundry to put away, clean my daughter's room, clean up my bedroom, sew ties onto the babies bumper pad for the crib, pack for the hospital, go to the dump tomorrow, go to the recycle center and vacuum the entire house. I have 2 1/2 days left to get this all done so I guess I better get this wrapped up and get my butt off the computer so I can get all these wonderful chores done! Here is the set of 3x3 cards that I made while Tara was here last weekend. My camera didn't take very good pics of them the first time so I had to wait to post these until I got a chance to take better ones. Thanks for stopping by and listening! Have a wonderful day!
All 4 Cards...
Insides of the 4...
Card 1...

Card 2...
Card 3...
Card 4...

I used the following Close to My Heart supplies on these...
Stamp sets: D1309 Heart Throb, B1297 Heartfelt, D1269 February Word Puzzle, D1254 Soul Mates Word Puzzle.
Cardstock: Tulip, White Daisy, Baby Pink, Blush.
Ink: Tulip, Baby Pink, Blush, Chocolate.
Chocolate Ribbon & Pewter Brads.
Martha Stewart's Heart Lace border punch, Mini-heart Scallop border punch and Scalloped Heart punch.
Paper Shaper's 2" Scalloped circle punch
SU's 1 3/8" circle punch, Scalloped Circle punch
CM's 1 1/2" circle punch


Cameron said...


Will be thinking about you on Friday. I am so excited for you and also excited to hear the news that labor is over and we can meet the baby when she comes home. Try not to work so hard right now. Everything will work out in the end. And for God sake, do not worry about the thank you notes. We know how thankful you were. That is just one less thing you need to worry about. Get some rest. You don't want to overdue it. Let me know if there is anything I can do. ((((HUGS))))


Lisha said...

hey girl...when i asked you if you needed anything you acted like you had everything under control. I am about to kick your butt! You have tons that I could be helping you with!! LET ME HELP WOMAN...

Oh I love the cards! hehehehe

Syd is looking forward to spendin time with Kaitlyn on Friday!! WOOHOO!!!

Marge said...

Love your V-Day cards & hope your labor/delivery goes easy & you and your new little girl are both healthy & happy!!!

Kathy said...

Love your Valentine Day cards. They are so gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing pics real soon of that new little one!

Chrissie said...

Wonderful cards!
I'll be thinking of you and wishing all goes well for the birth!
I've left a little something for you on my Blog!

Kelly Schelske said...

Fabulous blog. I really love all of your work! ! Good luck with the baby!!

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Congrulations! I just wanted to stop by and view your blog. Since I haven't stopped in awhile.

Love your creations. Take care of yourself.

kanishk said...

Fabulous blog.
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